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On a music by the Residents : the vocalic clan embodied by a tribal Grecha Cargo, 183 centimeters of flesh painted by Geneviève HERVE, who made then her very first dance video. The electronic effects were designed to echo the make-up : the merging colours are interacting through the movements of the so metamorphosed dancer. Exhibited at "VIDEO DANSE 1984" in the POMPIDOU CENTER, at Musee des Arts Décoratifs de Paris in 1985, at  Museum JEU DE PAUME in 2008 ,and in several Festivals in Europe the tape was granted the Price of the Tokyo Festival in 1983, and was broadcasted in Houba-Houba, a TV magazine hosted by Antoine de Caunes in 1982.

« La Lettre de Laure »
This song (written and directed by Geneviève HERVE) sign the beginning of her electronic works, and comes from the Rock Opera named FLASHES ROUGES (Marc’O / G.HERVE / S.VILAR) played in Paris in 1979 and broadcasted on French Musical TV Program in 1980.





« Les Noms du Père »
First movie (16mm) directed by Geneviève HERVE (1976), the action took place at Orsay’Theatre in Paris. Jean-Louis BARRAULT director of this theatre allowed Geneviève HERVE to film inside.

On Indoor Life ‘music, Geneviève HERVE directed the dancer Grecha Cargo in the middle of her Orsay Museum’ electro-pictures-set, a play about mirror and feminity.

A malicious video-painting of Geneviève HERVE, where her dog (NOODLES) discover her acrylic paintings about dancers. This video was showned at GRAFIC SATION GALLERY in  TOKYO (1990).

« ElectrOgier »
This video is the first video-painting by Geneviève HERVE with her muse Pascale Ogier. It has been broadcasted by French television in January 1982 (in LES ENFANTS DU ROCK).

An ironic , cheerfull, electronic and very free choregraphic interpretation on the famous CARMEN ‘ air, by MARIA CALLAS. This Geneviève HERVE ‘video has been broadcasted on French television in 1984 and also at POMPIDOU CENTER, MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, MONTECARLO IMAGINA, TOKYO FESTIVAL, NATIONAL MUSEUM OF JEU DE PAUME (from 1984 to 2008).





 « Film clip TIME OF PEACE »
This film clip of TIME OF PEACE (4x30’) , Geneviève HERVE realization was broadcasted on the first Swiss National Television , news on 6 aôut 2000 to drew attention at the multi media event ( broadcast of the entire films on very larges screens during ten days , techno parade in front of the building of ONU diffusing the musical air of TIME OF PEACE) and also the Peace esplanade of this special night , on the lake bank ( with ambassadors of different countries present with Peace message in the video, the leaders of UNHCR, ONU, CICR, MSF, TERRE DES HOMMES) invited to listen , in communion with 500 000 persons present in spite of torrential rain, Peace Hymn TIME OF INNOCENCE, composer lyrics by Geneviève HERVE and broadcasted for the entry in this third millennium at the opening of the Fireworks