Exhibits since 1981 (Centre Pompidou / selfportraits)
in several art galleries and museums

her photographies and videos (see the exhibition list)

Collaboration with the Condé Nast Edition
(Vogue France and Vanity)(1987/88)


Collaboration with the Dutch magazine AVENUE (1993)

Geneviève Hervé is a VILLA MEDICIS award winner (outside its walls) for her photography topic
“Virtual Italy” (1993)

Michelangelo Antonionni supported her exhibition :
« Le studio fait son cinéma» (Paris 1997)

Paris-Match and Roger Thérond presented and sponsored « PLANISTARS »
(Maison de Radio France Paris/Musée de l’an 2000 à Genève) celebration for the Centenaire du Cinéma (cinema century) (1995/96)

Exhibits at the Palais du Festival de Cannes in 1996 her first CYBSTARS and also at the Cannes
Palm Beach for the 60th edition of the Cannes International Film Festival in 2007.

Her images are part of several European Collections as Japanase and American.

Geneviève Hervé’s/Ginevra H’s Exhibition list

(Electronic images and videos)


  • 2012 :



  • 2008 :

Musée du Jeu de Paume (Paris)
Evening « Les pionniers de la vidéo-danse» :
(« Cattiva Carmen » « AEIOUXYZ »)

(« De l’Ombre naturelle à la Lumière électronique »)



  • 2007 :

Palm Beach (Cannes)
(« 60 CYBSTARS » for the 60th anniversary of the Cannes International Film Festival)

palm-beach-3-m  palm-beach-5-m  palm-beach-6-m

(« Secrets »)

(« Diptyques »)

International Festival for the Human Rights (Geneva/Switzerland)
(Broadcasted in a continious loop during the festival of four episodes of « Time of Peace »)


  • 2006 :

International Festival for the Human Rights (Geneva, Switzerland)
« Time of Peace» (1er épisode)


  • 2003 :

Forum des Images (Paris)
“Il était une fois la vidéo” (« Once upon a time the video »)


  • 2001:

Cannes International Film Festival / Kodak Pavillion
Daily broadcasted of the first episode of “Time of Peace”

Ellis museum/New-York (USA)
Broadcast of the two firsts episodes of “Temps de Paix” at the Ellis Island/ “Time of Peace” for the exhibition Hope for Refugees (New-York City/United Nations)
Following the 9/11 events, conception of a memorial (Twin’Peace) for the Twin Towers after the concept “Time of Peace” ( selected by the architecture bureau responsible for the reconstruction and by the New-York Port Authority)


  • 2000 :

Genève 2000 (Switzerland) : “Temps de Paix”/”Time of Peace”(Production and conception)

gh-et-embassadeur-israel-mMultimedia Installation (4x30’) on giant screens (100m2) broadcasted for the entire month of August in a continuous loop, on each side of the lake. Sponsored by Kofi ANNAN (UN).
Two Peace hymns (author :Geneviève Hervé , music: Matteo) :
"This film is a call for pacification of the World, respect and no violence, with an electronic aesthetic and musical background , and dedicated to the 12 million children over the world victims or refugees today.
The Godfather of this film is Mr. Kofi Annan (ex -Secretary General of United-Nations) giving a special message for children.
European actors and filmakers like Jeanne Moreau, Patrice Leconte, Iréne Jacob, Arielle
Dombasle, Bernard-Henri Levy...etc, are giving their Peace messages, together with the 20 Nobel
Peace Prize , Presidents and workers of MSF, CICR, FDRHI, UNHCR....

UNHCR was able to gather messages from hundred of children and adults from all over
the world specially for this film, whose emotional beauty is not to be commented...Writers
(Lanzmann,, Boualem Sansal, F. Héritier, E. Manet, B. Cyrulnik ) as also Ministers and UN
Ambassadors from France , USA, Nicaragua, Egypt, Israel or even the Presidents Giuliano Amato (Italy) and Yasser Arafat (Palestine) are joining in with their unpublished messages the spirit of children from 180 countries.
All these "hurting, expressing, following and answering each other" messages, in so many
languages , are finally creating an ethical dream through the very meaning that each message wishes to give to the word PEACE.
The precept of Moustafa Safouan 's message (psychanalyst) at the beginning of the film, and this one of Alain Prétin (actor) that closes the film are annoucing what each one of us could already try to do, to finally see a little light of "PEACE , behing the Black Horizon" ...

1/ « Time of Peace » (broadcasted at Place des Nations by 30 techno trucks)
2/ « Le Temps de l´innocence » (broadcasted at the opening of the fireworks on the lake with diploamtic, humanitarian and artistic presence on the TIME OF PEACE esplanade) in front of 500 000 people.


  • 1997 :

Le Studio (Paris) 50th anniversary of Cannes International Festival



  • 1996 :

Palais du Festival de Cannes

cannes-cybstars-m  cannes-expo-palais-m
Internet : Site Photo Magazine (first interactive exhibition)


  • 1995 :

Maison de Radio France (Paris) /« Centenaire du cinéma »
Musée de l´an 2000 (Geneva)


  • 1994 :

Apple France (Les Ullis)


  • 1993 :

Natkin-Berta Gallery (Paris)


  • 1992 :

National photography center(Arles)


  • 1991 :

Rome French Institute (Italy)
Graphic Station APJ / (Tokyo/Japan)

institut-francais-de-rome-m  graphic-station-m


  • 1990 :

Naples French Institute (Couleurs de NAPLES et d'Audelà)



  • 1989 :

National Photography Center , Palais de Tokyo (Paris)
Naples French Institute (Italy)
Temenos /M. Claude and Baudoin Lebon (Paris)


  • 1988 :

Parigraph (Paris)
National Photography Center (Arles)


  • 1987 :

Parigraph (Paris)
Videotime (Milan /Italy)
Cité des Sciences, Musée de la Vilette (Paris)
National Photography Center (Arles )
Musée des Arts Décoratifs / « Jeunes Créateurs » ( Paris)
Hôtel de Ville de Nancy (Nancy´s City Hall)


  • 1986 :

Images du Futur POMPIDOU CENTER / Cité des Arts (Montréal/Canada)
« Faust » /Musée des Augustins (Toulouse)


  • 1985 :

« Le Printemps »/French Video Art (Tokyo/Japan)
« Imagina » (Montecarlo – Monaco Principality)


  • 1984 :

Kodak Center (Paris)
« Art and Computers » (Athens /Greece)
Sigraph (Mineapolis, USA)
Cesta (Biarritz)
Paris Modern Art Museum /Electra


  • 1983 :

International Electronic Art Festival (Camerino /Italy )
Festival Internazionale di Films di Catania (Sicile /Italy)


  • 1982 :

Eric Fabre Gallery (Paris)
FNAC Montparnasse (Paris)
Grand Palais/Salon du Livre /INA/ (Paris)
ELAC , Contemporary Art Museum (Lyon)
Kodak Center (Paris)



  • 1981 :

Centre Georges Pompidou /Autoportraits (Paris)